John W. Campbell, Jr.


John Wood Cambpell, Jr.

A drawing of Campbell (From Trillion Year Spree, by Brian Aldiss)


"Discovered" by Thomas O'Connor Sloan (30's editor of Amazing). Degree in Physics from MIT (1932) and Duke. Used the pseudonym Don. A Stuart. Editor between December 1937 and 1971 of Astounding SF, he was one of the best known editors in the genre and considered instrumental in the development of less pulpy and more scientifically accurate SF.

Pseudonyms: Don A. Stuar, Karl Van Campen


Analog 2 Ed
Analog 6 1968 Ed.
The Best of John W. Campbell
sh.sts. 1973
The Best of John W. Campbell
sh.sts. 1976 differs from 1973 title
The Black Star Passes
sh.sts. 1953
The Cloak of Aesir
sh.sts. 1952, Shasta
Collected Editorials from Analog
nf 1966
The Incredible Planet
Invaders from the Infinite
Islands of Space
John W. Campbell Anthology
1973 Omnibus
The Mightiest Machine
The Moon is Hell
sh.sts. 1951
The Planeteers
sh.sts. 1966
The Ultimate Weapon
Who Goes There?
sh.sts. 1948
aka The Thing & Other Stories and The Thing from Outer Space
title story filmed as The Thing
Who Goes There? and Other Stories
sh.sts. 1955
The Space Beyond
1976 sh.sts.
The John W. Campbell Letters, Vol. 1
nf 1986 w. Perry & Tony Chapdelaine & George Hay

"Concerning SF"
preface to The Best of SF. Ed. by G.Conklin 1946
(c) 1937 by Street & Smith Publications, Inc.
1989 in The World Treasury of Science Fiction edited by David G. Hartwell
"The Last Evolution
Aug 1932 Amazing
1934 Amazing
1932 Amazing as Don. A. Stuart
"Wesso: Islands in Space"
Sept 1972 Amazing. Comic style story, w. illustrations by Wesso
"When Atoms Failed"
1930, Amazing Stories
"Who Goes There?"

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