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Born on January 9th 1890 in Male Svatonice in Bohemia, which was a part of Austria at the time. Majored in biology at the Caroline University in Prague.


The Absolute at Large
1922 (in Czech)
June 1975, Garland Publishing ISBN:0-824-01403-0
Apocryphal Tales
1945 (in Czech)
May 1997, Catbird Press Paperback ISBN:0-945-77434-6 Translated by Norma Comrada Amazon.com
An Atomic Phantasy: Krakatit
AKA Krakatit
1924 (in Czech)
Nine Fairy Tales: And One More Thrown in for Good Measure
October 1996, Northwestern Univ Press Paperback Reissue Edition, ISBN:0-810-11464-X. Illustrated by Josef Capek, Translated by Dagmar Herrmann Amazon.com
March 1970, Pocket Books ISBN:0-671-46605-4
Tales from Two Pockets
Short story collection, Mystery. (nsf) Translated by Norma Comrada
June 194, Catbird Press Paperback ISBN:0-945-77425-7 Amazon.com
Tales With T.G. Masaryk
Non-fiction. Biography of Masaryk, founder of Czechoslovakia.
Three Novels: Hordubal, Meteor, An Ordinary Lifes
NSF? Translated by M. and R. Weatherall
Toward the Radical Center: A karel Capek Reader
Collection of stories, playes and columns. Edited by Peter Kussi
Catbird Press ISBN:0-945-77407-9
War With the Newts
1936 (in Czech)
May 1967, Berkley Medallion Edition Paperback. Translated by M. & R. Weatherall
March 1990, Catbird Press paperback, ISBN:0-945-77410-9 Amazon.com
October 1996, Northwestern University Press paperback ISBN:0-810-11468-2 Amazon.com

Related Works:

Karel Capek: In Pursuit of Truth, Tolerance, and Trust
December 1997, Sussex Academic Press Hardcover ISBN:1-898-72385-0 Amazon.com
The Narratives of Capek and Cexov
November 1996, Intl Scholars Pubns Paperback ISBN:1-573-09060-3 Amazon.com
On Karel Capek: A Michigan Slavic Colloquium
November 1992, Univ of Michigan/Michigan Slavic Paperback ISBN:0-930-04271-9

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