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Born in Milwaukee. His first short story "The Widows Walk" won a contest sponsored by Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine. Moved to Marin County, CA in the early fifties with his wife Marguerite, with whom he had two children. His novel The Body Snatchers was adapted for the big screen several times as were other novels. Robert Redford is apparently making his classic novel Time and Again into a film. Recently his short story "The Love Letter" was adapted as a CBS TV movie.
Finney died of pneumonia and emphysema at age 84.


About Time: Twelve Stories
August 1986, Simon & Schuster Paperback ISBN:0-671-62887-9
Assault on a Queen
Filmed in 1966
1959, Simon & Schuster
The Body Snatchers
Revised as Invasion of the Body Snatchers
1955, Dell
June 1993, Lightyear Press Hardcover ISBN:0-899-68428-9 Amazon.com ordering info
From Time to Time
sequel to Time and Again
February 1995, Simon & Schuster Hardcover ISBN:0-671-89884-1
March 1995, Simon & Schuster Audio Cassette Edition ISBN=0-671-52118-7 Red by Campbell Scott Amazon.com ordering info
February 1996, Scribner Paperback ISBN:0-684-81844-2 Amazon.com ordering info
Five Against the House
Made into a film in 1955. Apparently in the works for a remake by Steven Kay
1954, Doubleday
Forgotten News: The Crime of the Century and Other Lost Stories
March 1983, Doubleday ISBN:0-385-17721-6
January 1986, Simon & Schuster Paperback ISBN:0-671-50645-5
Good Neighbor Sam
Made into a film starring Jack Lemmon in 1964. Purchase/Rent from Reel.com
June 1994, Buccaneer Books ISBN:1-568-49374-6
The House of Numbers
nsf, detective/mystery
Made into a film in 1957
1957, Dell
Invasion of the Body Snatchers
Made into a film in 1956 Buy/rent from Reel.com, Remade in 1978 starring Donald Sutherland. Buy/rent from Reel.com Remade a third time in 1996 Buy/rent from Reel.com
November 1978, Dell Publishing Co. ISBN:0-440-14317-9
I Love Galesburg in the Springtime: Fantasy and Time Stories
Short story collection
1963, Simon & Schuster
Marion's Wall
Adapted for the screen as Maxie in 1985. Buy/rent from reel.com
June 1973, Simon & Schuster Paperback ISBN:0-671-21467-5
The Night People
October 1977, Doubleday ISBN:0-385-13029-5
August 1978, Pocket Books ISBN:0-671-82156-3
The Third Level
1957, Rinehart
July 1995, Buccaneer Books Hardcover ISBN:1-568-49412-2
Three by Finney
August 1987, Simon & Schuster Paperback ISBN:0-671-64048-8 Amazon.com ordering info
Time and Again
February 1995, Scribner Paperback Reprint Edition ISBN:0-684-80105-1 Amazon.com ordering info
August 1995, G K Hall & Co HArdcover (Large Print Ed) ISBN:0-783-81386-4 Amazon.com ordering info
March 1995, Simon & Schuster Audio Cassette Edition ISBN:0-671-52139-X Amazon.com ordering info
June 1995, Lightyear Press Hardcover Reissue Edition ISBN:0-899-68403-3
The Woodrow Wilson Dime
1968, Simon & Schuster

"The Face in the Photo"
(c) 1962 by Jack Finney
In I Love Galesburg in the Springtime
1963 in the 8th Annual Edition The Years Best S-F, edited by Judith Merrill
"I Love Galesburg in the Springtime"
1963, Simon & Schuster
1975, Eyre & Spottiswoode
"The Love Letter"
Made into a 1998 film starring Jennifer Jason Leigh and Campbell Scott.
"The Other Wife"
aka "The Coin Collector"(?)
Jan 1960, Saturday Evening Post
1960, The 5th Annual of the World's Best S-F edited by Judith Merrill
"The Third level"
"The Widows Walk"

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