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Born in Tacoma, Washington. Best known for his Dune series. His son, Brian Herbert is also an SF author and has collaborated on continuing books in the Dune saga.

David Lynch adapted Dune for the big screen in 1984 with mixed results. The Sci-Fi Channel produced it's own mini-series version in 2001 and Children of Dune in 2003

Awards: Nebula (1965)


The Ascension Factor
with Bill Ransom
1988, Ace Books
Info and cover art
The Book of Frank Herbert
Short story collection
Chapterhouse: Dune
February 1996, Ace Books Mass Market Paperback ISBN:0-441-10267-0
Children of Dune
novel, 1976
September 1991, Ace Books Mass Market Paperback ISBN:0-441-10402-9
Destination; Void
Direct Descent
The Dosadi Experiment
1965 Nebula. Filmed in 1984 by David Lynch VHS - VHS (Letterboxed) - DVD. And made into a miniseries in 2000 by the SciFi channel VHS Preorder (January 23)
April 1984, Puntam Hardcover ISBN:0-399-12896-4
September 1999, Ace Books Mass Market Paperback (25th Anniversary Edition) ISBN:0-441-17271-7
Dune Messiah
November 1994, Ace Books Mass Market Paperback ISBN:0-441-17269-5
1985 sh.sts coll
The Eyes of Heisenberg
God-Emperor of Dune
novel, 1981
Green Brain
The Heaven Makers
1967 Amazing
Hellstrom's Hive
Heretics of Dune
novel, 1986
The Jesus Incident
1979, Putnam/Berkley
with Bill Ransom
Info and cover art
The Lazarus Effect
1983, Putnam/Berkley
with Bill Ransom
Info and cover art
The Santaroga Barrier
Under Pressure
December 1956 Trade Paperback ISBN:0-345-29829-2
White Plague

"The Illustrated Dune"
1978 comic (?)
"The Road To Dune"

Related Works:

Dune: House Harkonnen
October 2000 by by Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson
The Dune Encyclopedia
compiled by Willis E. McNelly, berkley
The Maker of Dune: Insights of a Master of Science Fiction, by Frank Herbert
1987, Berkley edited by Tim O'Reilly
The Making of Dune
Making of the movie, Ed Naha
The Notebooks of Frank Herbert's Dune
ed. Brian Herbert, Perigee
The Official Marvel Comics Adaption of Dune, adapted by Ralph Macchio, art by Bill Sienkiewicz
New York: Marvel Comics Group: distributed by Berkley, 1984
The Secrets of Frank Herbert's Dune
by James Van Hise. Behind the scenes book and DVD
Songs of Muad'Dib: Poems and songs from Dune and other F. Herbert writings ed. Brian Herbert
1992, Ace

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