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Born in Buffalo, New York. Taught Clarions East and West in 1992, and Clarion West in 1994. She regularly teaches SF writing in Rochester, NY. Resident of Brockport, New York with her two children, Kevin and Brian."Fiction" columnist for Writer's Digest magazine.

Awards: Hugo (1992, novella), Nebula (1985 short story, 1991 novella)


The Aliens of Earth
August 1993, Arkham House Publishing Hardcover ISBN:0-870-54166-8
An Alien Light
Beaker's Dozen
August 1998, Tor Books Hardcover ISBN:0-312-86537-6
August 1999, Tor Books Paperback ISBN:0-312-86843-X
Beggars and Choosers
October 1994, Tor Hardcover (Vol 1?), ISBN:0-312-85749-7
February 1996, Tor Books Paperback ISBN: 0614055229 Sample
Beggars in Spain
April 1993, William Morrow & Company Hardcover ISBN:0-688-12189-6
1993, Avon Nova Mass Market Paperback ISBN:0-380-71877-4
Beggars Ride
November 1996, Tor Hardcover ISBN:0-312-85817-5
December 1997, Tor Mass Market Paperback ISBN:0-812-54474-9
Beginnings, Middles, and Ends (The Elements of Fiction Writing)
March 1993 Writers Digest Books Hardcover ISBN:0-89879-550-8
December 1989, William Morrow & Company ISBN:0-688-09452-X
July 1991, Avon ISBN:0-380-71015-3
Dancing on Air
September 1997, Tachyon Publications Paperback ISBN: 0-964-83205-4
The Golden Grove
March 1984, St Martin's Press Trade Paperback ISBN:0-312-94180-3
January 1986, Berkley Pub Group ISBN: 0-425-08476-0
Maximum Light
January 1998 Tor Books Hardcover ISBN:0-312-86535-X
January 1999, St. Martin's Press Trade Paperback ISBN:0-812-54037-9
Oaths and Miracles
January 1996, Forge Hardcover ISBN:0-312-85961-9 ordering info and review)
April 1997, Tor Mass Market Paperback ISBN=0-812-54473-0
August 1998, Tor Books Hardcover ISBN:0-312-86537-6
Prince of Morning Bells
September 1981, Pocket Books ISBN:0-671-42083-6
Probability Moon
July 2000, Tor Books Hardcover ISBN:0-312-87406-5
July 2000, Tor Books Mass Market Paperback ISBN:0-812-54038-7
short stories
September 1988, Ace Books ISBN:0-44182-415-3
Trinity and Other Stories
August 1985, St Martin's Press Trade Paperback ISBN:0-312-94438-1
The White Pipes
March 1985, St Martin's Press Trade Paperback ISBN:0-3129-4451-9
August 1986, Berkley Pub Group ISBN:0-42509-107-4

"And Wild to Hold"
novella, July 1991 IASFM
"Beggars in Spain"
1991 Nebula Award (Best novella) 1992 Hugo award (Best novella)
1991, Asimov's Fictionwise ebook
"Eoghan "
(c) 1992 by Nancy Kress
1992 in Alternate Kennedys edited by Mike Resnick
"Fault Lines"
1995, Asimov's Fictionwise ebook
"The Flowers of Aulit Prison"
(c) 1996 by Dell Magazines
October/November 1996, Asimov's Science Fiction
1997 in The Year's Best Science Fiction; Fourteenth Annual Collection, edited by Gardner Dozois
"Out of All Them Bright Stars"
1985 Nebula Award (Best Short Story)
"Summer Wind"
1995 in Ruby Slippers, Golden Tears edited by Ellen Datlow and Terri Windling
"Words Like Pale Stones"
1995 in Black Thorn, White Rose edited by Ellen Datlow and Terri Windling

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