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Jack Carroll Haldeman II


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Brother of Joe Haldeman. Research biologist, printers devil, medical technologist in a trauma unit, gardener, beach bum, photographer, statstician, file clerk, pharmacist's assistant, bartender, mechanic and chairman of the 32nd WorldCon (DisCon II, 1974), AKA Jay.
Married to Barbara Delaplace.

Haldeman died today, January first 2002, from cancer.


Bill, the Galactic Hero on the Planet of Zombie Vampires
With Harry Harrison
Echoes of Thunder
With Jack Dann
1991, Tor Double
The Fall of Winter
High Steel
With Jack Dann
Amazon.com ordering info for Hardcover and paperback
July 1993, Tor Books Hardcover ISBN:0-312-93163-8
June 1994, Tor Books Paperback ISBN:0-812-51433-5
The Iceworld Connection
a collaboration as John Cleve (?)
1983, Ace
Star Trek: Perry's Planet
March 1996, Bantam Books Mass Market Paperback ISBN:0-553-24193-1
Amazon.com ordering info
There Is No Darkness
with Joe Haldeman
Vector Analysis
March 1984 Ace Books paperback ISBN:0-441-86071-0

"By the Sea"
"Garden of Eden"
1971, Fantastic
"Last Rocket from Newark"
"Line Item on a Dead Grant"
Oct 1991 Amazing
1978, Davis
"Monkey Wrench"
Jan 1983 Amazing
"On he Rebound"
March 1883 Amazing
"Open Frame"
"Sand Castles"
1974, Alterneties Ed. David Gerrold
"Short Count in Chicago"
(c) 1992 by Jack C. Haldeman II
1992 in Alternate Kennedys edited by Mike Resnick
"Thunder Being"
Apr-May 1993 w. Jack Dann
"What I did on my Summer Vacation"

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