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Del Rey in 1982 (From a photo in the Science Fiction Chonicle)


Author, editor and critic. Born in Minnesota, never knew his mother, who died shortly after his birth. Due to his family's troubled financial and personal state, was in and out of school several times before getting his HSED. Attended George Washington University in the early 30s but dropped out to work. Sold his first story "The Faitful" in 1938. Was an edtor at the Scott Meredith Literary agency for three years before turning to write ful-tme in 1950. Ed. and Ass. Ed. of Space SF, Fantasy magazine, SF Adventures, Rocket Stories, etc. Did features for Galaxy and If. His first two marriages ended in divorce, his third wife Eveln died in an auto accident. His final marriage was to Judy-Lynn Benjamin, who died in 1986. They married in 1971, when she was an editor at Galaxy. Together the where a succesful team at making over the fantasy and SF lines at Ballantine books. From 1974 to 1977 he reviewed books for Analog. He also taught writing. In 1974 he went to work at Ballantine as well, the Ballantine SF line became Del Rey Books as of 1977. Del Rey wrote mainly juvenile SF, historical and non-fiction. Also wrote as Kenneth Wright and Philip St John. He is best remembered however for his sort ficton, which where collected in several anthologies. Often was involved in fannish controversy over his very strong opnions about the nature of SF. I the months before his death he had become reclusive, hardly ever leaving his midtown NYC apartment. Del rey died at about 3:30pm, May 19th 1993 in the acute cardiac care unit of NYH after being hospitalized for a week due to serious hearth problems. He was 77.


And Some Were Human
Attack from Atlantis
Badge of Infamy
The Best of Lester Del Rey
June 2000, Del Rey Paperback ISBN:0-345-43949-X Amazon.com
The Early Del Rey
The Eleventh Commandment
1962, novel
Marooned on Mars
1952, juvenile
Moon of Mutiny
September 1982, Ballantine Books Paperback Reissue Edition ISBN:0-345-30606-6 Amazon.com
The Mysterious Planet
1953, juvenile
1956 novel
Outpost of Jupiter
Police Your Planet
1956, novel w. Erik Van Lhin
1971, novel
Robots and Changelings
Rocket Jockey
September 1982, Ballantine Books Paperback Reissue Edition ISBN:0-345-30655-4 Amazon.com
Tunnel Through Time
The World of Science Fiction, 1926-1976: The History of a Subculture

"The Coppersmith"
"Dead Ringer"
1956 Galaxy
"For I Am A Jealous People"
"Helen O'Loy"
"Introduction to: The Best of Frederik Pohl"
"The Luck of Ignatz"
1942 sh.st.
"Spawning Ground"
"Uneasy Lies the Head"

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