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Born in Manhattan, NY. Rasied in NYC, registered nurse, practiced as staff psychiatric nurse. Started writing full-time in 1980. Married author Peter Morwood in 1987. Has written for television (Batman the Animated Series, ST:TNG) as well as comics, novelizations, and a interactive text computer game, Star Trek: The Kobayashi Alternative from MicroMosaics 1985


1993 The Further Adventures of Superman ed. M.H. Greenberg DC/Bantam
"Double Bind"
Jan/Feb 1986 Star Trek #24-25 DC Comics
Jan 1992 in The Best of ST: 20 Years, DC Comics
"The Dovrefell Cat"
1994 Xanadu 2 Edited by Jane Yolen
"Down By the Riverside"
1985 Thieve's World #7 Ed. R.L. Asprin & Lynn Abbey
"Epic Proportions"
Jul-Aug 1993 Star Trek #52 DC Comics
"The Hand That Feeds You"
1984 Thieve's World #6 Ed. R.L. Asprin
"The Last Word"
April 1986 Star Trek #28 DC Comics
"Lior and the Sea"
1985 in Moonsinger's Friends, edited by Susan Shwartz
"Long Shot"
May 1989 The Fleet: Break Through
"Midnight Snack"
1984 juvenile Sixteen
"Parting Gifts"
1981, Flashing Swords! Ed. Lin Carter
"Pest Control"
1990 with Morwood Fleet: Sworn Allies
"Spot's Day"
Oct 1993 ST:TNG Annual DC
"The Tale of Prince Ivan the Not-Too-Experienced"
Dec-Aug 1988 The Dreamery comic, Epic Comics
"Test Flight"
1990 w. Peter Morwood The Fleet: Total War
"The Tie That Binds
1986 Thieve's World #10 Ed. R.L. Asprin and Lynn Abbey
"Uptown Local
1986 Dragons and Dreams Ed. Jane Yolen

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