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"Horace Beam Piper was born in 1904, the son of a Protestant minister. He had no formal education and at age eighteen went to work as a laborer for the Pennsylvania Railroad's Altoona yards. Throughout his life he was a reticent and guarded man and as a result we know little about his early years. He was largely self-educated; he obtained a deep knowledge of science and history: 'without subjecting myself to the ridiculous misery of four years in the uncomfortable confines of a raccoon coat.'"
"A solitary man to the end, Piper did not tell his friends of his financial predicament. Instead, he took a way out that could only be reasonable to a man who abhorred state handouts and was determined not to burden his friends and family. On Monday, November 9th, 1964, H. Beam Piper shut off all the utilities to his apartment in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, put painter's drop-cloths over the walls and floor, and took his own life with a handgun from his collection. In his suicide note, he gave an explanation that is pure Piper:
"I don't like to leave messes when I go away, but if I could have cleaned up any of this mess, I wouldn't be going away. H. Beam Piper'"
-From the introduction (by John Carr) to Federation


The Complete Fuzzy
Includes Little Fuzzy, Fuzzy Sapiens and Fuzzies And Other People.
December 1998, Ace Books Paperback ISBN:0-441-00581-0 Amazon.com
The Cosmic Computer
Short story collection
Four Day Planet and Lone Star Planet
Fuzzies and Other People
Fuzzy Sapiens
Little Fuzzy
1962, Avon
Lone Star Planet
With John J. McGuire
An ambassador from the Galactic Empire is sent to a planet settled entirely by descendants of Texans.
Lord Kalvan of OtherWhen
A 20th-century cop is accidentally transported to an alternate timeline that is less technologically advanced.
Murder in the Gunroom
Piper's first novel (?)
December 1993, Old Earth Books Paperback Reprint Edition ISBN:1-882-96802-6
1981, Ace 0-441-65169-0
Tales of the Paratime Police guarding crosstime byway
Space Viking
Uller Uprising
The Worlds of H. Beam Piper
July 1986, Ace Books Paperback Reissue Edition ISBN:0-441-910520-1

"Crossroads of Destiny"
July 1959, Fantastic Universe
"The Edge of the Knife"
"Graveyard of Dreams"
"He walked around the horses"
"The Keeper"
"Last Enemy"
"Ministry of Disturbance"
"Oomphel in the Sky"
"Police Operation"
"The Return"
with John J. McGuire
"A Slave is a Slave"
"Temple Trouble"
"Time Crime"
"When in the course---"

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