Roger Zelazny



Born on May 13 in Euclid, Ohio. He was a graduate of Western Reserve University and worked for several years for the Social Security Admin. in Baltimore before becoming a full-time writer in 1969. Lived in Santa Fe for the last decade of his life. Father of three. Died of liver failure brought on by cancer.

Awards: Nebula, Hugo


Blood of Amber
July 1, 1993 Sunset Productions Audio Cassette ISBN:1-564-31042-6
September 1, 1995, Avon Paperback ISBN:0-380-89636-2
Bring Me the Head of Prince Charming
With Robert Sheckley
December 1, 1992, Spectra Mass Market Paperback ISBN:0-553-29935-2
August 1980, Ace Books Paperback ISBN:0-441-10256-5
April 1985, Ace Books Paperback Reissue Edition ISBN:ISBN:0-441-10264-6
The Chronicles of Amber
The Courts of Chaos
July 1, 1995, Avon Mass Market Paperback ISBN:0-380-47175-2
March 1993, Sunset Productions ISBN:1-564-31036-1
Creatures of Light and Darkness
Source of The Agnostic's Prayer
1969, Avon
Deus Irae
With Philip K. Dick
Damnation Alley
Filmed in 1977
1976, Berkeley Medallion
Dilvish, the Damned
March 1986, Ballantine Books Mass Market Paperback ISBN:0-345-33417-5
With Jane Lindskold
August 1997, Avon Books Hardcover ISBN:0-380-97326-X
The Doors of His face, the Lamps of His Mouth & Other SF
Short story collection
1971, Avon Books
Doorways in the Sand
1976, Avon Books
The Dream Master
May 1990, TOR Books, ISBN:0-671-69874-5
Eye of Cat
1982 (?)
July 1992, Sunset Productions Audio cassette ISBN:1-564-31024-8
A Farce to Be Reckoned With
With Robert Sheckley
April 1995, Spectra paperback ISBN:0-553-37442-7
February 1996, Bantam Books ISBN:0-553-57305-5
Forever After
December 1995, Baen Books Mass Market Paperback ISBN:0-671-87699-6
Four For Tomorrow
Short story collection.
1967, Ace. Retitled A Rose for Eccesiastes
Frost and Fire
(c) 1989
May 1990, Avon paperback
The Guns of Avalon
June 1996, Avon Mass Market Paperback ISBN:0-380-00083-0
The Hand of Oberon
October 1992, Sunset Productions Audio Cassette ISBN:1-564-31030-2
December 1994, Avon Mass Market Paperback, ISBN:0-380-01664-8
Here There Be Dragons/Way Up High
Set of two stories illustrated by Vaughn Bode
1992, Donald M. Grant, Publisher, ISBN:1-880418-21-5
Ordering info and illustrations.
Home is the Hangman
May 1990, TOR Double #21 ISBN: 0-812-50983-8 (With We, In Some Strange Power's Employ by Delany on the other side.
Hymn to the Sun An Imitation
January 1996, DNA Publications, Inc. ISBN:0-964-01685-0
If at Faust You Don't Succeed
Robert Sheckley
March 1994, Spectra Mass Market Paperback ISBN:0-553-56548-6
Isle of the Dead
Knight of Shadows
November 1995, Avon Mass Market Paperback ISBN:0-380-75501-7
October 1996, Sunset Productions Audio Cassette ISBN:1-564-31073-6
The Last Defender of Camelot
Short story collection
1980, Pocket Books
Lord of Light
A Night In the Lonesome October
With Gahan Wilson (Illustrator)
1993, AvoNova
1993, Orbit (UK)
August 1993, William Morrow & Co Hardcover ISBN:0-688-12508-5
Nine Princes in Amber
Prince of Chaos
December 1996, Sunset Productions Hardcover ISBN:1-564-31074-4 ordering info
R.Z's Guide to Castle Amber
March 1994, Del Rey ISBN:0-345-34515-0 ordering info
Sign of Chaos
October 1995, Avon Paperback ISBN:9-995-87472-5 ordering info
Sign of the Unicorn
December 1999, Avon Mass Market Paperback Reissue edition ISBN:0-380-00831-9
This Immortal
1966, Ace
The Chronicles of Amber
Triumphs of Doom
April 1993, Sunset Productions Hardcover ISBN:1-564-31038-8
August 1995, Avon paperback ISBN:9-995-54347-8 ordering info for Paperback and for Hardcover
When Pussywillows Last in the Catyard Bloomed and Other Poem
February 1985, Norstrilia Press paperback ISBN:0-909-10605-3

Short Works

"24 Views of Mount Fuji, by Hokusai"
1985, Davis
"The Doors of His Face, The Lamps of His Mouth"
1965 Novelette, Nebula
"Exeunt Omnes" 1980 After the Fall
"Fire and/or Ice" 1980 After the Fall
"For a Breath I Tarry"
"The Graveyard Heart"
"He Who Shapes"
novella 1965 Nebula (tie)
"Home is the Hangman"
novella 1976 nebula
"The Keys to December"
"This Moment of the Storm"
1966 F&SF
"This Mortal Mountain"
"A Rose for Ecclesiastes"
"A Very Good Year" 1980 After the Fall

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